Build Your Dream House
without Hiring A Thaykaydar!

Fed up with unreliable Thaykaydars ruining your dream project? Take control with award-winning ‘Let’s Become Thaykaydar.’ This comprehensive guide empowers you with industry insights and tips to ensure a smooth construction process and save up to 15-20 lacs (10%) on your construction cost.

Learn the Art & Science of Construction with “Let’s Become Thaykaydar”

A complete manual helping you throughout your construction journey 

  • 400+ Proven Tips 
  • Save up to 10% on your construction costs 
  • Avoid costly mistakes 
  • Learn the art of labor management 
  • From purchasing the land to getting the final locks installed

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About The Author

Hammad Ahmad

Hammad Ahmad, a third-generation Thaykaydar, has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and corporate management. As the CEO of ThaykaydarSaab, he is dedicated to helping the construction industry achieve excellence through his extensive knowledge and innovative approach.

hammad bhai
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